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Lazio lays along the Tyrrhenian Sea in the central of Italy it also boarders Tuscany, Umbria and Marche to the north and also Abruzzo and Molise to the east while Campania is on the south.

The Provinces of this region are five Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Viterbo and Rome which is the capital provinces.

The population is around 5,732,212 and the area is 860sq miles 17,236 kmē the area consists of being mainly being flat and hilly with just a small amount of mountains which is being most on the eastern and southerner side.

Lazio being one of the most magnificent and overwhelming places with having Rome being the (eternal city) with all the attractions of the coliseum, the Vatican City, Trevi Fountains, Sistine Chapel and much more.

National parks Circeo with its with its abundance of natural beauty of plant and animal life and the regional natural park of the roman castles with archaeological ruins, and not forgetting the beautiful lakes of Nemi and Albano lake that are near the volcanic crater

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