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Friuli Veneto Giulia boarders Austria to the North and Slovenia to the East.

The Adriatic Sea is facing to the South it also boarders Vento internally on the West

The population is around 1.2 million people with the area of 7,858 kmē

In this region there are four provinces; Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste and Udine of which Trieste is the regions Capital and all the provinces are independent.

This beautiful region has a lot to offer with all the spectacular sceneries of the eastern mountains of the Dolomites, lakes, valleys, caves with pockets full of blue lagoons. Most of the beaches are known to be rocky except the famous beach of the Lignano Sabbiadore with more than eight miles of fine sandy beaches and thermal sea baths.

Friuli Veneto Giulia is full of history, art, museums and castles with its many golf courses giving you the chance to combine other activities of sports with amusements in the region. The Castle of Marco Salateo in Gorizia is a must to go and visit.

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